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Fri Aug 23 09:53:10 CAT 2013

Zimbabwe CompanyPages is offering the services below. Email
zimcompanypages at gmail.com for more information.

*Designing Services*

*Professional website designing (Package 1) - $500*
-    10 business email addresses
-    Maximum of 10 pages
Professional website designing (Package 2) - $1000*
-    30 business email addresses
-    Maximum of 20 pages
-    Blog / News section
-    Basic SEO on web pages

*Professional website designing (Package 3) - $1500*
-    100 business email addresses
-    Maximum of 50 pages
-    Blog / News section
-    Advanced SEO on web pages
-    Basic monthly website analytics report

*Professional website designing (Package 4) - $2500*
-    Unlimited business email addresses
-    Maximum of unlimited pages
-    Blog / News section
-    Advanced SEO on web pages
-    Comprehensive monthly website analytics report

*Social Media - $50 for each account*
-    Facebook page creation
-    Twitter account creation
-    Google+ account page creation
-    Pinterest account creation
-    Flickr account creation
-    Linkedin page creation

-    Business email template design $50

*Other additional services*
-    Domain registration & renewal $25 per year (.co.zw, .com, .co, .org,
.net etc)
-    Unlimited business email addresses setup $200 per year
-    Business email integration to Gmail $100 per year / 10 users

*Management Services*

-    Active website management (regular website updates)
-    Website hosting services $10 per month
-    Website basic analytics reports $20 per report
-    Website comprehensive analytics reports $50 per report
Website Search Engine Optimization*
-    Basic website SEO $150 per website
-    Advanced website SEO $300 per website
-    Search Engine advertising (e.g Google Adwords)

*Social Media*
-    Social media and feedback management
-    Social media management training
-    Social media advertising

-    Professional business emails $10 per campaign
-    Email analytics $10 per report
Special Business Services – (Coming Soon)*

***Corporate Magazine*
-    Book your place now!

*Zimbabwe CompanyPages business listing on our portal*
-    $50 professional page listing
-    $10 page hosting per month
-    Extra charges will be incurred for extra functionality


*Examples of projects we have worked on
1. Country Agro website <http://www.countryagro.com/>
2. St George's College Cisco Academy <http://ciscoacademy.stgeorges.co.zw/>
3. St George's College Cisco Academy facebook

*Project still in progress*

1. Country Fresh website <http://www1.countryagro.com/> (in completion
stages - applying finishing touches and migrating to a proper domain)

We do not compromise on quality!

We are looking forward to have you as part of our family. Email
zimcompanypages at gmail.com.


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