[Dipleague] Looking for Bulk sms service providers

Felix Mahachi felix at etopup.co.zw
Mon Nov 4 15:00:29 CAT 2013

E-top Up private limited is looking for Bulk sms service providers. We do
about 50 000 sms every month and expecting the number to double by year end.
Please forward your Company Profile, CRV 14 , Zimra Tax clearance, quotation
and all the necessary documents to happi at etopup.co.zw, thomasm at etopup.co.zw
and copy felix at etopup.co.zw. 


Felix Mahachi

System & Service Support

Suite E5 , Strathaven Plaza, Strathaven , Harare, Zimbabwe

 | Mobile     0773 397 443 / 0716 031 880 / 0734 222 221

 Email: felix at etopup.co.zw| 

Skype: felmahachi|

Website:  <http://www.etopup.co.zw> www.etopup.co.zw |




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