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Integral-Edge Business Intelligence siege585 at zol.co.zw
Thu Nov 7 08:27:47 CAT 2013

AutoServe(TM) is specialized business utility software that you can use 
to serve information
easily to your business contacts (customers, suppliers, staff etc.) in both
Automated and On-Demand modes, electronically via eMail and SMS.

AutoServe(TM) will integrate seamlessly with your existing database driven
business applications, e.g. Customer Billing, CRM, Procurement, Human
Resources Management, Accounts Management and more to enable you to 
serve your Business
Contacts with information from therein.

Automated Message Scheduling
With the AutoServe(TM) AMS feature, you can set for personalized 
messages to be sent automatically to your business contacts on set days 
and times, either by eMail or SMS.
Use this feature to automatically:

  5. Have billing information sent to your customers every month-end
  5. Send automatic reminders for changed account states and over-due warnings
  5. Alert your suppliers when re-order levels in your inventory system 
are reached
  5. Have your technical support staff alerted when incidents occur
  6. And more!

Key Application Areas:
v  Customer Billing
v  Credit Control
v  IT Help Desk Systems
v  Human Resources Management Systems
v  Insurance
v  Sales & Marketing

  5. etc

  Call us today we will give you a demo! It's so good that even TelOne 
Zimbabwe are now using it as part of their new billing system!

IntegralEdge  Systems Design

e-Mail:   [1]simba at integraledgebi.com, [2]contact at integraledgebi.com   
|  Alt. eMail: [3]seejali at msn.com  |  Skype ID: seejali
Phone:  +263 714 290 213, +263 735 965 782, +263 778 837 093, +263 772 
235 931  | Website: [4]www.integraledgebi.com
Location:  42 Fife Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

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"The future is not a destination we are waiting to get to; rather - it 
is one that we are constantly creating.
The paths to get there are not to be found, but are made.
Our activities of making the paths to get there change both ourselves 
and our destination."


Visible links
1. mailto:simba at integraledgebi.com
2. mailto:simba at integraledgebi.com
3. mailto:seejali at msn.com
4. http://www.integraledgebi.com/

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