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Corporate Computer Training
Our Products and Training Options for Corporations:
Chose a classes via our [http://www.premier-ks.com/training-class-schedule.html] Public Open Enrollment schedule
Schedule a [http://www.premier-ks.com/on-site-training.html] private onsite class at the location of your choice. We provide all the materials needed  to hold the  							class, just like you were at our office: Instructor, Computers,  Courseware, set-up and tear-down of the classroom, and projector, all at  no additional charge  							to you. 
we provide the following Courses:

End User Office Applications (Office 2007, Office 2010)
Microsoft Word 
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Power point
Microsoft Access
Internet and Email
Pastel Accounting
Graphic Designing
Public Relations Manangement
Email:micmapfumo at gmail.com or call 0773129526

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