[Dipleague] Mushroom Production Course, Project proposals for funding and consultancy services on your mushroom project

Ngoni Sibare ngoni at escrogroup.com
Fri Nov 8 10:35:02 CAT 2013

Here's what you've been looking for: Mushroom Production Course


Learn How to Grow Mushroom. The course covers Extensively:


1.       Introduction to Mushroom Production

2.       Oyster Mushroom Production

3.       White Button Mushroom Production

4.       Harvesting and Storage

5.       Marketing for local & Export Markets


Among a host of other things. With guaranteed Support in setting up when
your project is up and running. 


Call Us today, or contact us Via Email on:

S.M Sibare :        0772 411 059       smsibare at yahoo.com
<mailto:smsibare at yahoo.com> 

F. Sibare :            0772 380 333       fsibare at gmail.com
<mailto:fsibare at gmail.com> 

G. Sibare :           0772 909 803       


nsibare at gmail.com <mailto:nsibare at gmail.com> 


Course Cost:$100

Course Duration: 2 full days


*         Practical's

*         Mushroom Production Handbook

*         Lunches

*         Tea / Refreshments



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