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Valued Client

Spectip was incorporated in 2006, founded with the vision of improving
companies’ cash flows through the provision of sound and innovative
credit management products. Since then we have been very successful
collecting debts for all markets and the debt collection wing gave birth
to other divisions. We are striving to update our technology to keep
abreast of global trends in line with our vision to become a highly
automated champion in credit risk management.
Our debt collection service is based strictly within the framework of
the Law. To this end collection costs are fair and reasonable to ensure
that debtors are not exploited beyond their means. Our clients subscribe
annually on a flat fee basis. 

We are registered with the Association of Debt Recovery Agents. Our
services are ethical and we comply in all respects to the codes of law.
We are committed to offering a safe, fast, friendly, trustworthy and
professional service to both all our clients and the debtors.

For More Information Visit

Spectip Investments plc
11th Floor Regal Star House
25 George Silundika Ave
0772 681 320
0773 558 454
spectipplc at mailup.net

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  spectipplc at mailup.net

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