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Malcolm tavengwa at zol.co.zw
Thu Dec 5 12:25:41 CAT 2013

Do flyers work?

A lot of people ask me if flyers really work. 

Yes, they do, but as with all print ads, you must:

    1. Get noticed
    2.Be interesting enough to get read
    3.Have some call to action

To achieve the first goal, your leaflet should be colourful but not too much or it may look trashy.

To be read, it must be interesting, appealing not to you as the advertiser but to your target audience. This is a promo, not a memo!

Last is the need for response, the call to action. What do you want the reader to do? Should they phone or visit your store or is it more complex? For example, a restaurant may offer a discount to draw clients on a Monday when sales are often low.

Flyers are also cost effective. For less money than Press and way cheaper than TV, you can lift your brand and boost sales. And you can target the city by area; for example if you're selling school uniforms, we'll hand out near schools at a time when parents collect their children.

We have worked with companies in different industries, small and big and most of our work is repeat business. 

Mr Flyer is a company that can help you from designing and wording to print and distribution.

One last thought. Special offers must be just that: special. Discounts of 5% are a waste of time, ditto "A free key-ring with every new car!" You get the picture.

So, are flyers for you? Could they lift your bottom line with new sales?

Almost certainly, and we'll work with you to make sure the message is right

Call us today on 0772 949 283 or email mrflyer86 at gmail.com today and — at no cost or obligation — we will show you how flyers can boost your business.
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