[Dipleague] Weight loss

Olive T. Zhande olivezhande at starmail.co.zw
Wed Dec 18 12:39:28 CAT 2013

Is your weight a cause of concern to your self esteem and health issues?
How about your belly/tummy, is it not also your concern? Imagine in just 9
days you will be healthier, cleaner and leaner and have detoxified and
lost between 2 – 10 kg, depending with the exercise you do and how strict
you are with the program.
Your body and health will thank you.
Please call , email or visit my website for  more information.

Name                    :              Olive T. Zhande
Cell/whatsapp           :	+263 772 919 077
Email		        :	 olivezhande at starmail.co.zw
Website	                :	 www.olivezhande.myflpbiz.com

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