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promise at itassetszim.com promise at itassetszim.com
Tue Jan 14 11:24:07 CAT 2014

Good day

Technology is moving rapidly and almost 70% of business

transaction are being done over the Internet.

Do you know that some

of your clients are looking for you on Google and they cant find

you,Why?IT ASSETS will assist�

you to have your own WEBSITE(

www.yourCompany name.com)� and DOMAIN EMAIL ADDRESS(abc at yourCompany


Meaning if any one searches about your line of your

business,your Website will be listed down automatically

Say goodbye

to yesterday and catch up with Technology!

Visit our offices or

contact us for more information


Promise Zaya IT

ASSETS,1MClaren Road,Milton Park,Harare


0772957600 |08644064239

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