[Dipleague] block of flats for sale

Andrew Maruru andrew at bardproperty.co.zw
Tue Jan 14 12:52:14 CAT 2014

$750 000-00

Have a 4 x 2 bed flats, lounge, bar,sun lounge, fitted kitchen and fully
furnished, lock up garages for 3.


Can be used for commercial purposes.


Rentals are currently at $7000-00 per month.


The property is well maintained and located in Avondale.




Andrew Maruru

Property consultant



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Bard  Real Estate

Bard House 

69 Samora Macheal Ave


cell  263 772675645

Tel :749993/755 338

 <http://www.bardproperty.co.zw/> www.bardproperty.co.zw


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