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Fri Jan 17 12:09:02 CAT 2014

Dear Dips,

We have capacity and competence to handle both qualitative and 
quantitative data.

We can assist you in your surveys and research by;

Developing data collection tools: Developing data collection tools: We 
use up-to date technology for data collection to maintain the integrity 
of research, data originality and accurate data.Our tools ensure daily 
data monitoring to ensure the protocol is followed. Some of the tools we 
develop include;

Data entry: Some of the research organizations still use paper tools; 
we understand that information intensive organizations require highly 
structured management of data entry. We cannot afford to miss any 
document nor can we afford to have errors in the information. We an 
experienced, reliable and quality data entry services team. We use data 
entry tools which provide data in different versions for different 
platforms. We also develop data entry screens.

Data processing: Whatever your data capture requirements, our team will 
process your data quickly and to the highest quality standards.

Data analysis: We specialize in the analysis and explanation of 
quantitative and qualitative research data.

Data presentation: This involves presenting the data according to the 
analysis, to make it understandable to everyone. Using our graphics and 
animations arm, we provide eye-catching presentations that ensure 
delivery of intended message.

Contact details:
Ronald Munjoma
Tel: 263 775 625 283
email: ronald at whisper.co.zw
        simbiso at gmail.com

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