[Dipleague] Computer And Printer For Sale

Dave Payne davayne at mango.zw
Sat Jan 18 11:47:21 CAT 2014


Desk top Computer and wide carriage printer   "On Sale"- for sensible


L G 'Tech Com' Tower unit, 

Processor   -  Intel (R) Celron (R) CPU  2.53 GHz

Memory     -  2Gig

Video Memory Onboard - 128 Mb

HDD       500Gig

Running System -  Windows XP service pack 3

Dell 15" screen.  CN-OC5378

Tech Com Keyboard - SSD-KB-901

Mouse - Uit      infra-red.


Computer Has been cleared of all superfluous programs and items , this is a
good unit for 'office' or home base and has only been used for six months
after being 'built'                                   


Offers around $225 considered



Epson  Esc P2  LQ1170  Printer (wide carriage)    Plus some 132 column
continuous I part eyeline paper      


Offers around $ 75  considered.   


Phone 0772 218 622  or  498209  or e-mail  davayne at mango.zw

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