[Dipleague] plots for sale

Guidewall Properties guidewal at mweb.co.zw
Mon Jan 20 14:35:43 CAT 2014

Borrowdale Brooke:$230k stand in the Brooke measuring 1400sq.m,overlooking
the golf estate


Chadcombe:$45k,4 beds at roof level


Hogerty hill:$55k, 2000sq.m,ready to build,cession


Cold Comfort:$18k,450sq.m,ready to built,cession


Crowhill Views:$11k, 1000sq.m,deeds,nice views


Michael 0772 898 093


Borrowdale Brooke:215k, 1070sqm with excellent views


GlenLorne:$45k, 2035sq.m,ready to build, zesa and water


Tynwald (Gevstein Park):$32k,2000sqm, ready to build


Enos 0773 053 576


Glen Lorne: New Development,$22.50 per sq.m from 2000sq.m,terms up to


Macdonald 0773 255 296




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