[Dipleague] Christian Movies for only $1 each! Great entertainment for you and your family

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Tue Jan 21 08:19:18 CAT 2014

The movies below are available for just $1 each- Entertain yourself and feed
your soul at the same time!

**Every purchase of 10 movies entitles you to a free 11th movie of your


Abraham, Apocalypse 1 & 2 (2in 1), Apocalypse 3 & 4 [Tribulation & Judgement
(2in1)], Blessed & Cursed, Courageous, David, Escape From Hell, Facing The
Giants, Faith Like Potatoes, Final Exit, Fireproof, Flywheel, Hidden
Secrets, Jacob, Jeremiah, Jesus (with subtitles in English, Ndebele,
Karanga, Ndau, Manyika, Swahili, Tonga), Joseph, In the Blink Of an Eye, Lay
It Down & Smugglers Ransom (2in1), Left Behind, Left Behind 2- Tribulation
Force, Left Behind 3 - World At War, Letters To God, Love Comes Softly, Me
and You- Us Forever, Moses - The Ten Commandments, One Night with the King
(Esther), Overcome, Pamela's Prayer, Perfect Stranger, Pilgrim's Progress-
Journey to Heaven, Revelation Road - The Beginning of the End, Samson &
Delilah, Standing Firm, Soul Surfer, Suing The Devil, The Apostle, The Bible
Mini Series (3 disk collection), The Book of Acts, The Gospel of John, The
Book Of Ruth, Matthew, The Encounter, The Encounter 2 - Paradise Lost, The
Grace Card, The Imposter,  The Mark, The Mark 2 - Redemption, The Moment
After 1, The Moment After 2, The Passion Of The Christ, The Secrets Of
Jonathan Sperry, Time Changer, Woman Thou art Loosed



1. Indescribable (Teaching) by Louie Giglio;

2. Alive, How Great is Our God, Otherside(3in1 Teaching) by Louie Giglio;

3. Every Young Woman's Battle (Teaching) by Shannon Ethridge;

4. Every Young Man's Battle (Documentary) by Steve Arterburn

5. Let it Go & Do it Again (2in1 Teaching) by TD Jakes

6. Man Talk with TD Jakes


While the above movies teach and inspire you, don't forget your young
children. Below are the available animation movies for the kids:

1. Treasures in Heaven & Worthy Is The Lamb (2in1),

2. The Righteous Judge ; The Legend Of The 3 Trees (2in1),

3. Abraham & Isaac ; Moses (2in1),

4. The Lost is Found ; The Prodigal Son (2in1),

5. Lord I Believe ; The Kingdom of Heaven (2in1),

6. John The Baptist ; He is Risen (2in1),

7. Joseph in Egypt ; Joseph's reunion (2in1),

8. Elijah ; Elisha (2in1),

9. David & Goliath ; Solomon (2in1),

10. The King is Born ; Bread from Heaven (2in1),

11. Build upon The Rock ; The Greatest is Least (2in1),

12. Ruth ; Esther (2in1),

13. Samuel ; Daniel (2in1),

14. Jonah

15. The Prince of Egypt

16. At Jesus' Side,

17. The Jesus Movie

18. Jesus Life Story

19. The animated Bible for Children

20. Cedarmont Kids (Sing-along-songs) 


Music DVDs:

Don Moen, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Cece Winnans, Michael W Smith


Delivery is free in Harare CBD (TOWN ONLY)


Contact Shep on 0772341147

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