[Dipleague] $100 Full corporate branding design

Mackinley Alex mmurebwa at zol.co.zw
Mon Feb 3 09:23:35 CAT 2014

Good Morning Dips,

We thought you might be interested in internet/online marketing and 
advertising on our new platform called www.webtrade.co.zw. On the 
platform you have the opportunity to showcase all your products in a 
catalogue format where people can buy your products online through 
EcoCash, TELECASH, MasterCard and VISA, and as for your services they 
can be made in a way that people can make inquiries and order online 
you dont need an internet connection to check on your orders or sales. 
a simple smart phone will do the trick as you will be able to receive 
the information straight onto your phone for efficiency.

If interested in this marketing method please notify me so that i can 
give you further details on how to subscribe.


Cell: 0739163938 (whatsapp)

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