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Integral-Edge Business Intelligence siege585 at zol.co.zw
Mon Feb 3 13:43:15 CAT 2014

  When IT executives and their business counterparts try to identify 
technologies that drive true business

transformation, custom systems emerge as one of the most effective 
agents of strategic and operational


To obtain optimal business value from custom software systems, Integral 
Edge BI's approach is to

use agile development processes using the best tools and practices to 
design, develop and implement

software systems that will help you unlock the full potential of your 

We specialize in designing, developing and implementing both 
industry-standard and scenario specific

software and information systems in the form of the following:

Enterprise Database Design & Development

Multi-User Windows-Based Software Development

Web-based / Rich Internet Applications Development

Mobile, Field-Force and Enterprise Extension Applications Development 
for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Niche Applications Development integrated with Pastel, Microsoft NAV, 
AccPac etc

Middle Tier Business Logic Services

  Some of our clients that have benefited from customized systems we 
have developed include TelOne Zimbabwe, PetroTrade (formerly NOCZIM), 
The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (Lesotho), The Department 
of Water Affairs (Lesotho), ZESA, The Ministry of Water Resources in 

  Contact us today (details below) and we can chat on a development 
path for your business/institution J

  IntegralEdge  Systems Design

e-Mail:   [1]simba at integraledgebi.com, [2]contact at integraledgebi.com   
|  Alt. eMail: [3]seejali at msn.com  |  Skype ID: seejali
Phone:  +263 714 290 213, +263 735 965 782, +263 778 837 093, +263 772 
235 931  | Website: [4]www.integraledgebi.com
Location:  42 Fife Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

[5]MSFT_logo_png     [6]images       [7]ibmspsslogo         [8]arcgis   

"The future is not a destination we are waiting to get to; rather - it 
is one that we are constantly creating.
The paths to get there are not to be found, but are made.
Our activities of making the paths to get there change both ourselves 
and our destination."


Visible links
1. mailto:simba at integraledgebi.com
2. mailto:simba at integraledgebi.com
3. mailto:seejali at msn.com
4. http://www.integraledgebi.com/

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