[Dipleague] Angel Flights over Harare

Kumbirai Arnold Muneri flights at zol.co.zw
Tue Feb 4 08:06:53 CAT 2014

If your flying experience is only having dreams about it, then it's 
time to manifest your dreams into reality with the exhilarating 15 to 
20 minute flight safari across the Sunshine City. Feel the excitement 
as you taxi to the runway; the rush of adrenalin as you take off; and 
imbibe the beautiful scenery below as the pilot smoothly navigates into 
the clouds.

Grab your camera and don your safari gear for this treasure hunt from 
the sky. Angel Flights over Harare are a perfect gift for any occasion, 
be it anniversaries, birthday celebrations or fun.

Angel Flights over Harare - taking you places your dreams have never 
been to before!

Please call / whatsapp or reply to email

0772 415 719
Kumbirai Arnold Muneri

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