[Dipleague] Nurse Aid Courses, ECD Teachers Training Courses, Domestic Workers Courses, Hotel and Catering Courses, O & A levels

Philemon Mavura pmavura at airzimbabwe.aero
Thu Feb 6 11:28:03 CAT 2014

1)Nurse Aid Training Courses

 (Includes attachment)

 4 Professional certificates


2)Hotel and Catering Courses

  (Includes attachment)

  -Hotel and catering Supervision      course.

  -Catering course: Certificate in          Professional Cookery.


3)Domestic Workers course

 7 modules which includes daycare for early childhood, Hygiene and
sanitation etc.


4)ECD Teachers Training Course.

   (Includes attachment)


5)Computer Courses one on one tutorial.


6)Ordinary and advanced level

   with science subjects as well at      Ordinary level and Commercial

       and Arts subjects at Advanced         level.

     -One on one Tutorial Learning         criteria.


Visit or Contact Psychomotor Training Skills Training and Academic


IT Centre 117 Robert Mugabe Opposite East gate, Harare.




Email:psychoskills.edu at gmail.com






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