[Dipleague] Pay $20 and get your own domain name (www.you.com)

tchirongo at technologyhavenzimbabwe.com tchirongo at technologyhavenzimbabwe.com
Thu Feb 6 16:30:08 CAT 2014

lets face the fact, a business using free email accounts (@gmail, 
@yahoo, @hotmail) looks a bit backdated and a normal person cant trust 
you enough to give you deals that has lots of cash, rather, he would opt 
for another with DOMAIN email accounts (info at companyname.com)

for only $20 we can register a domain for you (yourcompany.com) which 
will enable you to receive and send emails in your company name!!

for more info contact 0774600638 or email 
tchirongo at technologyhavenzimbabwe.com

[DISCLAIMER: the above mentioned email hosts are for referral use only. 
Technology Haven Zimbabwe neither recommends nor discourages its use for 

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