[Dipleague] Dstv, Dish Installations, Faults and Sales, call or whatsapp 0774166803

Jabu jabuliso at zol.co.zw
Fri Feb 7 07:35:05 CAT 2014

1. All Dstv Installations and TV Mounting
2. Relocations
3. Refocusing or realignment
4. HD Explora and HD PVR setup
5. Xtra view setup(Combine two compatable
decoders so you can view two channels at the same
6. Dual and Quad lnbs
7. Bedroom extensions
8. Attend to Faults 24/7 delivery in and around
CALL Jabu on 0774166803(whatsapp),0735706182,0775025218
jabulisondebele at gmail.com

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