[Dipleague] Chickens for sale. Unbeatable $3-20/kg Bulk Orders only please (+100kgs)

ranga at neutonga.com ranga at neutonga.com
Fri Feb 7 10:25:56 CAT 2014

Why buy embalmed chickens that have painstakingly traveled thousands  
of kilometers into the country when 1kg - 1,8kg (you specify your  
requirements and we supply the order) Organic, Oven-ready, Luscious  
and utterly scrumptious chickens are available right in your back yard?

For 100kgs and more, we come right to your door-step, (within a 20km  
radius of Harare Main Post Office) for no extra cost.

We also supply Leg Portions (thigh and drumstick). At $20/pack (60
Leg Portions, minimum order is 50 Packs.

Those that are interested in establishing a credit relationship for
uninterrupted supply are most welcome.


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