[Dipleague] Green Chikoro

desire kanda dkandawasvika at apek.co.zw
Mon Mar 17 17:08:39 CAT 2014

A vision always starts with one man, but the execution of that vision
requires a team. Our lord Jesus Christ's mission was to impart the vision of
the father to his disciples. As World Without Litter Team we are praying
that the lord will open doors to men and women in the corporate world who
are passionate about their environment. Together we can make the Green
Chikoro vision a reality.






Desire Kandawasvika




Cell: +263 77 524 0132

Skype:  <mailto:worldwithoutlitter at gmail.com> worldwithoutlitter at gmail.com

Fb:  <http://www.facebook.com/worldwithoutlitter>

Web:  <http://www.worldwithoutlitter.org/> www.worldwithoutlitter.org

Description: Description: Description: WWL1-2

A litter free Zimbabwe begins with you



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