[Dipleague] Roofing/Tiling/Painting Services Required

Emma Benhura ebenhura at airzimbabwe.aero
Wed Mar 19 09:55:06 CAT 2014

Dear Dips


I have a four roomed cottage at roof level that needs the following to
be completed; 

1.       Roofing 

2.       Tiling 

3.       Electrification 

4.       Painting 

If you offer any of the above services, kindly get in touch with me on
the following numbers or email so we can arrange to view the cottage for


Kind  Regards, 



Emmah Benhura 

Landline: 58202268

Cell: 0772 647 587 / 0735 995 721

Email: ebenhura at airzimbabwe.aero


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