[Dipleague] Speroni Electric Water Pump and Compressor for sale USD300 Neg.

dchipfupa at arts.uz.ac.zw dchipfupa at arts.uz.ac.zw
Mon May 26 11:37:12 CAT 2014

For Sale is a brand new Speroni Electric Water Pump and Compressor (N.B. 
Not submersible pump)going for USD300 Neg. Ideal for use with a water 
tank to suck water from the water tank and pump it into the water supply 
system for domestic or industrial use. Specs: Speroni Water Pump, Type 
CAM 60/25, Q ma., 60 Litres/min, H max. 45 min, P800W, 230V - 50Hz 3.8A, 
IP44 F 12.5, cl.F H20 max 35 degrees celcius, LpA plus or minus 70 
dBA/R:1m-H:1m.) ̴Tel/W.App 0773973441 for photos or viewing 

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