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Catanne joannew at zol.co.zw
Mon May 26 17:00:38 CAT 2014

Rolls of Bubble Wrap.

The main advantage of Bubble Wrap is its excellent protection for goods in
transit especially fragile and delicate items.
Bubble Wrap provides shock and vibration protection with low cost and
availability in several sizes.
Prevents breakages, scratches and chips. Using Bubble Wrap is cheaper than
replacing items! Give it a try! $125 for a large roll 100m x 1.2m. $95 for
medium roll 100m x .4m. $135 for Single Sided Cushion Kraft(brown paper on
one side) 82 m x 1.2m. $12 for a small roll 5mx310mm. I also have the
"Jiffy"envelopes(padded), in various sizes.
Email joannew at zol.co.zw or phone 0712 212424 or 332851.



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