[Dipleague] Bulk Mailer Offer

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Wed May 28 09:17:12 CAT 2014

Hansole is offering you a fast, efficient and low cost method of  
information dissemination and communication directly to your clients,  
stakeholders and the general public by using the Bulk E-mailer  
platform. This is a powerful platform for running masse-mails and  
targeted adverts. With the Bulk E-mailer
You can easily create a mailing list, compose a message and send out  
personalized invitations to multiple and potential clients. E-mail  
marketing is known to be one of the most effective and inexpensive  
methods of communicating to your target market. It also makes it  
possible to evaluate and assess responses from the invited guests.

Our Bulk Mailing Service is designed to let you send transactional  
emails, notices, e-marketing campaigns, e-commerce activities and  
newsletters, among others, to a large number of recipients (+10  
000/hr). With our platform, large volumes of email can be sent in a  
short space of time with higher delivery and read rates.
With direct mail, it can be incredibly targeted, especially when you  
take advantage of today's sophisticated demographic management  
techniques. This lets you customize messages for potential customers.  
That's the beauty, and efficiency, of the Bulk mailer Platform.

Please kindly visit www.hansole.org to understand more about our  
Products and Services. To discuss this further, please call us on 04  
335764 or send an e-mail to marketing at hansole.org

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