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THE Tale Of The PHOENIX- a mythical bird with wings of fire, which at the end of it's life, flies into the sky and explodes in a ball of flame, only to be reborn from the ashes.More brilliant,for having risen...Again.| The Tale of AGAIN. Simba The Comic King- a Zimbabwean comedy pioneer whose 1st one man show "The Comic King Rises" suffered the fate of the Wright Brothers 1st few flights; it crashed and burned.But out from that ball of fire he emerged with a dodged determination&razor sharp wit to win a NAMA&sell out shows at the biggest festivals in the land.Armed with a new arsenal of jokes (&his trademark bhibho)Simba The Comic King stands at the runway of his new one man show&is set to rise...#AGAIN2014 (parachute not included). |One man show directed by JOE NJAGU Thurs 29 May | 7PM | AllianceFrancaiseOldMutualTheatre 328 Herbert Chitepo| LIMITED $5 tickets available at venue,get yours..AGAIN! Infoline:+263 779 822 504

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