[Dipleague] Strategic Financial Planning and Implementation Seminar

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Fri May 30 12:56:26 CAT 2014

Strategic Financial Planning and Implementation ensures accountability while aligning the entire business with actionable and achievable goals and objectives. This involves setting and committing to new standards of performance with built-in contingencies for all plans. Periodic reviews and links to operational plans help to make the strategy a reality.

Target  Group,
•	Finance  Managers
•	Accountants
•	Senior level managers who need to understand strategic implementation 
•	Middle level managers in operations, finance, operations, engineering, planning, procurement and any other area affected by strategic decision

Please join us for a one day   Seminar at the Crown Plaza Monomotapa Hotel on the 19th of June 2014. For more information about this Seminar please call us on 0773 049 702, Email careerlinkhumancapital at zol.co.zw

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