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Fri Jul 25 09:41:38 CAT 2014

Dear Dips 


Why don't you have your special event cake done by professionals??? We do
all types of cakes and supply cake accessories.


We are now BIGGER AND BETTER professionals in this industry of cakes and
cake accessories. We now PRINT  your icing sheets. We say come let us do
business together.


At THE CAKE HOUSE we are happy to partner with all cake makers by providing
them  with quality and convenience. We have the following cake accessories;

.         Plastic icing

.         Marzipan

.         Delight Cream


.         Mixed Fruits 

.         Cocoa Powder

.         Mixed Spices

.         Cinnamon

.         Black Jack

.         Cake boards

.         Cake Boxes 

.         Food colours 

.         Cellophane  (don't queue for this product, we have it pre-packed
1m, 2m, 4m etc.) PAY, GRAB & GO!

.         Cutters 

.         Treacle

.         Old fashion brown sugar

.         Icing sugar 

.         EDIBLE PICTURES A4,A5,A6,A7

.         etc

Our prices are as good as the quality of all our products and we kicked out
stock outs out of our business model.


Let's be friends, please come to 62 R Mugabe, Atlas House, inside Fashion
Discount, opposite Harrison Shop, CNR R Mugabe/ Inez Terrace


Phone 0772 330 140





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