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Hi Dipps,

Audio books have revolutionized learning (anyone with interest can learn). They have the following advantages:
*They help on self improvement
*By listening to them you save time since you can listen to the books whilst doing other things like driving
*You have information at your fingertips
*You get inspired!!!

Transform your life and your pocket by listening to the following audio books. With an investment of $20 you get more than 60 hours of mind-enriching information (You get 21 books and that translates to $1 per book plus a free copy) . All you need to do is to have an external hard drive / flash disk with at least 13Gb of free space, the $20 then call/whatsapp 0773619531.

1.)  Go Pro with Eric Worre How to become a Network Marketing Professional!
2.)  Conspiracy of the Rich  - Robert Kiyosaki
3.)  The Magic of Thinking Big  - David Schwartz   
4.)  Increase Your Financial IQ  - Robert Kiyosaki  
5.)  Rich Dad's Advisors® The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins
6.)  Rich Dad's Guide to Investing  - Robert Kiyosaki
7.)  Retire Young Retire Rich  - Robert Kiyosaki  
8.)  The Greatest Salesman in The World -  Og Mandino   
9.)  Napoleon Hill -  Think And Grow Rich   
10.) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy
11.) Before You Quit Your Job - Robert Kiyosaki 
12.) How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days - Eric Worre
14.) Brian Tracy  - 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires
15.) Brian Tracy  - 21 Great Ways To Become A Sales Superstar
16.) 60 Minutes To Getting Rich'-  Robert Kiyosaki
17.) How to Use 'I AM' To Create Your Life! (Law Of Attraction)
18.) Make A Million -  Brian Tracy 
19.) Start Your Business in 7 Days
20.) The Intelligent Investor -  Benjamin Graham   

-Bonus : What's your calling

The above list is not comprehensive, I have a lot of audio books on a lot of topics / subject areas.

If interested please get in touch (call/whatsapp) - 0773 619 531.



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