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Annique's special blend of indigenous Rooibos herbal infused teas, offers
the best relief in addressing various ailments like constipation, stress,
insomnia and water retention.


Rooibos Tea, 200g (80 tea bags)  at $15  -  Rooibos tea has amazing health
properties, from soothing stress, to helping to prevent heart disease and


The following are also available, coming in 50g boxes (20 tea bags) at $11 a


Metabolism Tea - Rooibos combined with fennel, helps to stimulate metabolism
and may suppress appetite and the desire for sweet foods.


Colon Cleanse Tea - Rooibos and senna help to bring natural and gentle
relief from constipation


Night Rest Tea - Rooibos and Melissa promote restful sleep.


Relax Tea - Rooibos and wild jasmine are excellent for relaxation after a
stressful day


Detox Tea - Rooibos and ginger provide a healthy and refreshing drink to
help detox and cleanse the body for a clearer, problem-free skin.


Balance Tea - A delicious combination of Rooibos and cinnamon assists in
maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


Stomach Tea - Rooibos and mint helps to relieve stomach ailments, cramps,
indigestion and even headaches.  It also helps to soothe menstrual pain.


Bladder and Kidney Tea - Rooibos and buchu aid in relieving water retention,
hayfever, kidney ailments, sinus and nasal congenstion.


Green Rooibos Tea - Provides higher levels of antoxidants and helps to
promote general health.


Happy Tea - Rooibos and sceletium helps to naturally lift your mood.


Can be viewed at Number 29 Ridgeway North, Highlands.  Ridgeway North is off
Enterprise Road, after the Arcturus turnoff when coming from town, turn
left. Open Monday - Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm.  Saturday 8am to 2pm.   Reply
to e-mail, for pictures or call/sms/whats app 0772-254882.


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