[Dipleague] kitchenware, tumblers, glassware, plasticware and crockery items available for sell

List for jan@zol.co.zw jan at zol.co.zw
Tue Nov 18 11:28:16 CAT 2014

available for sale are are a variety of glassware items like wine,
champaign, beer glasses, juice glasses, water glasses, cocktail, tea
sets, soup bowls, saucer bowls, snack bowls, tumblers etc. also plasticware,
birthday ballons, salad bowls, monster lunch boxes for kids, treasure
boxes for kids. great value for your home and gifts for birthdays,
weddings, kitchen parties e.t.c.

For prices and pics and more information contact us on 0772 693 960 /
/ 08644099756 (sms or whatsapp)
or email us on gitasansales at gmail.com / peresiasinteriors at gmail.com

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