[Dipleague] Mwanga lodge / Bally Vaughan Game Park

Mwanga Lodge gamepark at mango.zw
Thu Nov 20 11:40:03 CAT 2014


Mwanga Lodge/ Bally Vaughan Game Park or Bally Vaughan sanctuary.

Accommodation, meals, day safari :- Animal Orphanage Tour, elephant ride,
canoeing, game drive, school trips, or day visit to rescued animals in Bally
Vaughan Sanctuary.


Only 40km from Harare Main Post Office.


Contact details: 04 776341

                                 0772 300 935

e-mail:gameparkzimbabwe at gmail.com

              gamepark at mango.zw


f: Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary - Mwanga Lodge




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