[Dipleague] Full Houses, Cottages, Rooms and Flats Available

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Thu Nov 20 17:47:17 CAT 2014


Cranborne Chiremba RD 2bedroomed house $550incl
Waterfalls Mainway Meadows 4 bedroomed with ensuite $600
Avondale West 3bedroomed house with 1roomed cottage $650
Old Houghton park 3bedroomed house $450
Kuwadzana 5 4bedroomed house $450
Waterfalls parktown  3bedroomed house $500
Damofalls phase3 3bedroomed house $360
Old Marlborough 4bedroomed ensuite $600
Avondale West 3bedroomed house $600
Msasa park 2bedroomed guest wing $300
Zengeza 3bedroomed house $200
Marondera 4bedroomed garden flat $500
Greendale Letembo 3bedroomed ensuite $650
Braeside 3bedroomed house plus staff quarters $800
Maranatha Park near Ashdown Park 3 bedroomed house $600
New Cannan 2 bedroomed house $200


Willowvale flat to share $140 incl
Avenues H.Chitepo 1bedroomed flat $400
Avenues Central 2bedroomed flat $550
New Willowvale flats 2bedroomed  flats $400
Avondale west 2bedroomed flat $650
Avenues bachelors $300 
Avenues J.Tongogara bachelor flat $350


Old Marlborough 1and half cottage $180 incl water
Marlbereign Cotswoldhill 1bedroomed cottage $350incl
Hatfield 2bedroomed cottage $260incl
Hatfield 2roomed cottage $170incl
Eastlea 1roomed cottage $100incl R.Mugabe Rd
Waterfalls 1 bedroom cottage with fitted $350
Hatfield 1roomed cottage $100incl
Greendale 2 roomed cottage 220incl near Cresta lodge
Braeside 1 bedroomed cottge $350
Cranborne 2roomed cottage inside toilet andbath $225
Westlea 2bedroomed cottage tiled ,tub $350
New Marlborough 2 inside rooms $200
Braeside 2roomed cottage $250 incl
Marbereign ashdown park 1bedroom cottage $300incl
Old Houghton park 1bedroomed cottage $250
Belvedere 1roomed cottage $130incl
Westgate  2bedroomed cottage $450incl with fitted,tiled
Queensdale 2bedroomed cottage $250  own zesa metre
Avondale west 1and half roomed cottage $200incl
Waterfalls shortstone 3bedroomed cottage $300incl
Waterfalls mainway meadows 2bedroomed cottage $350incl
Sunningdale 2 2rooms $160
Braeside 2bedroomed cottage $400 for 1December
Hatfield 1roomed cottage along seke $140incl
Waterfalls 1roomed cottage  parktown $80
Budiriro 1 4rooms front 280
Sunningdale 2 1inside room $110incl
Borrowdale west 1roomed cottage $150inc
Zimre park 2bedroomed cottage $250incl
Old Houghton park 2roomed cottage $200inl
Waterfalls main meadows 1bedroomed cottage $250
Highlands 1roomed cottage $120incl
Avondale west 1and half roomed cottage $200incl
Westgate 2bedroomed cottage $450incl
Hatfield 2 roomed cottage $180 incl
Hatfield 1 room cottage $100 incl
Greendale 1 room $90 incl
Avondale West 1 and half roomed cottage $200 incl
Marlbereign Haig Park 2 roomed cottage $230 incl
Highlands 1 room cottage $120 incl
Waterfalls Short Stone 3 bedroomed cottage $300 inc
Sunridge 2bedroomed cottage $400 own zesa metre
ST Martins 2roomed cottage $180
Milton park 1room ensuite $230incl
Marlbereign Ashdown park 2roomed cottage $250incl
Beatrice cottage,Mbare 2roms own entrance $180 neat
Beatrice cottage Mbare 1room own entrance double room $120
Hatcliffe 1room own entrance $110incl
Greendale near Cresta Lodge 2roomed cottage $220incl
Sunningdale 1 2roomed $150
Marlborough East 2 roomed cottage $180
Waterfalls Parktown 1 bedroom cottage $350
New Marimba 2 bedroomed cottage $350
Braeside 1 and half roomed cottage $180 incl
Waterfalls Mainway Meadows 1 bedroomed cottage $250 incl
Sunningdale 2  2rooms $160 
Old Marlborough 2 roomed cottage $300 incl
Highlands I room cottage $150 incl
Hatfield Seke Rd 2 bedroomed cottage $350 incl
Sunridge 2 roomed cottage $180 incl
Hatfield 2 roomed cottage $190 incl
Marlbereign 1 room cottage $120 incl
Dawnview 1 bedroomed cottage with toilet and bath $260 
Waterfalls Mainway Meadows 1 bedroomed cottage $250 incl
St Martins 1 inside room $120
Avondale West 2 bedroomed cottage $450 incl
Greendale near Cresta Lodge 2 bedroomed cottage $350

Call Mrs. Mupedzi                    0772722596
Africom Line                         8644070719
 Landlines                             762112/3                              
                     Between 1st and 2nd Street
              We are at No. 25 George Silundika
          Regal Star House, 2nd floor suite 207
                 We accept ecocash and telecash

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