[Dipleague] Benefits of the Aloe Vera Gel

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Tue Apr 21 08:25:14 CAT 2015

Has Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system
   Helps to repair body and arterial tissue
   Pain inhibitor - it blocks the pain in the deep layers of the skin due
   to its active components and their powers to penetrate and ease
   Detoxifier - It stimulates the liver and kidneys, which are the
   principle organs for detoxification
   Energizer - it helps promote good metabolism, which is the production of
   energy for the body. It also contains Vitamin C, which acts
        to increase circulation and improves functioning of the
cardiovascular system.
   Digestive - Aloe contains enzymes that aid in breaking down proteins,
   carbohydrates and fats in order for them to be absorbed by
        the body.
   Natural Cleanser - eliminates bacteria as well as preventing infection.
   Acts as a fungicide
   Vessel Dilator - dilates capillaries, thereby increasing blood flow


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