[Dipleague] FedUp?! Nutrition, wellness, weight loss

Lauren Fredericks lauren at bambinimontessorizim.com
Thu Apr 23 10:12:41 CAT 2015

FedUp?! Come and find motivation, support and encouragement. At FedUp?!, we
provide help with nutrition, weight loss and overall wellness. We offer
support group meetings for weight loss (similar to weight watchers) as well
as professional assessments and coaching in the area you require. FedUp?! is
run by a qualified AFPA nutrition and wellness consultant. We are offering
start up specials for support group meetings as well as discounts on
assessments for the month of May. For more information, please contact
Lauren on 0772301003, email info at fedup.co.zw or visit www.fedup.co.zw
(Website launches on 4th May)

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