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Thu Aug 13 12:09:06 CAT 2015

Did you know that every hour the sun radiates more energy onto the
earth than the entire human population consumes in a year
(approximately 16 billion Mega Watts). So every square meter receives
1000 Watts (1kW) per hour from direct sunlight.

Did you also know that Natfort Energy provides quality, reliable Solar
and Backup Systems for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and
Agricultural applications at affordable prices. Here are some Home
Solar Kits:-

           - 720W System to power lights and all your Entertainment including
laptops, Phones, Pads etc.
             Price: $800 - $1000.00 installed

           _ 1400W System to power lights, Entertainment, Computer/s, Laptops
and a fridge from
             $1500.00 installed

All products have warranties, please inquire. Financing available to
eligible customers, or you can join our Green Pool and have your own
electricity in a few months.

Contact us for further information
                       Cell:   0774 670 980, 0776 821 267
                       Office: 086 4412 2979
                       email:  natfort at yo.co.zw

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