[Dipleague] houseboats

Innocent Tshuma innocent at elearning.co.zw
Fri Aug 14 12:17:49 CAT 2015

We chauffeur them to airport , fly them to kariba deliver them to a
houseboat. Ensure that they have a fantastic 2 night 3 days for $1500.00 or
3 nights 4 days for $1950.00, fishing , game viewing ,watching movies ,
playing games and being totally spoiled ..Then deliver them back after a
unforgettable honeymoon eating cuisine to their hearts content with an
occasional braai on the lake.Imagine that!!!!!!!! By the way its all in
with no hidden costs.
We have had some inquiries asking if they can bring one or two of their
small children .. we can make a plan ...call me or app me 0772407426
itshuma6 at gmail.com
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