Fungai Manjonjo manjonjo at india.com
Mon Sep 21 11:54:53 CAT 2015

First impressions last, and staff who work in any reception area are vital members of the corporate team. Their level of performance is invaluable to the overall success of an organisation. Covering all aspects of the role, from answering the telephone to dealing with visitors, this Receptionist Skills training course is suitable for anyone who works in a "front office" situation. A small investment in our  three-day workshop &;Receptionist and Frontline Training Programme will deliver huge dividends in the form of a telephonist/receptionist that will do you proud in every dealing with your visitors, in person or by phone. 
For more details about this seminar please call. 0773 049 702, Email:careerlinklhumancapital at zol.co.zw

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