[Dipleague] Invitation to a Quail Bird Farming Training Workshop

Maungira Promotions maungira.promotions at powerconnect.co.zw
Mon Oct 19 05:54:34 CAT 2015



Dear All,


1.            Are you looking for ways to raise extra income?

2.            Did you know that there is an expanding market for quail meat
and eggs?

3.            Besides quail meat being delicious, did you know that quail
eggs are nature's answer to your health?


Maungira Promotions will be hosting a workshop on Quail Bird Farming on the
7th of November 2015, kindly email for more information.





0779 020 480


I never prayed sincerely and earnestly for anything but it came at some
time, no matter at how distant a day, somehow, in some shape, probably the
last I would have devised, it came.  Adoniram Judson


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