[Dipleague] Maputi Distributors Wanted

Ama Zim Zim Information info at amazimzim.co.zw
Mon Oct 19 08:53:06 CAT 2015

PopperZ Korn Snacks is  currently looking for maputi distributors. What is
a maputi distributor you may ask? Someone who buys maputi at wholesale
prices and then sells and distributes to their customers.
Maputi is a cash product and sells very quickly in farming areas and rural
For example one can purchase 1000packs for $650 and then retail them for $1
a pack therefore realising $1000 as income with a profit of $350.

Think about it? Pretty much easy income to make hey.
PopperZ maputi price guide is as follows.
1-5packs - $1
6-10packs - 90c
11-50packs - 80c
51-100packs - 75c
101-500packs - 70c
500-1000packs - 65c
1000 plus packs - 60c

Contact Linda on 0772384210 or 0773783931
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