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Glenlorne 4496sqm- $150K
Glaudina 200sqm- $7.5k
Chitungwiza Unit G 300sqm- $8k
Greendale 2000sqm- $60k
Sunway City 3200sqm- $48k
Mabelreign Meyrick Park 450sqm- $25k
Helensvale 6500sqm- $150k
Borrowdale Hessel Road 1 acre- $105k
Borrowdale Brooke View 2000sqm- $60k
Maranatha 578sqm- $37k
Gletwin 2000sqm- $38k
Waterfalls 2000sqm- $28k
Marimba Park 1000sqm- $20k
Glenview 1 Extension 250sqm- $13600
Glenview Suncrest Park from 275sqm- $42/sqm
Waterfalls Zindoga 2000sqm- $45k
Cold Comfort 500sqm, $16k
Borrowdale Brooke 750sqm- $65k, 1000sqm- $100k

Glenlorne 4500sqm, $150k
Mandara 4300sqm $70k

Own your own home in the above areas..

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website: dandeal.property.co.zw

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