[Dipleague] Quail Eggs

Rachael Chironga rachael at rcinvestments.biz
Wed Oct 21 09:35:01 CAT 2015

Use Quail eggs to fight diseases.  

Quail eggs can provide:

1. Improved eye, skin and hair conditions

2. Sexual potency. (improved libido)

3. Remedy for kidney stones.

4. Remedy for ulcers.

5. Remedy for heart disease.

6. Remedies for cancer.

7. Remedy for anaemia

8. Remedy for diabetes.

9. Foetal and child brain development (higher IQ)

10. Natural anti-aging.

11. Stop asthma flair-ups.

12. Boost the immune system

13. Remedy for Arthritis

14. Improved appetite,

15. relief from inflammatory diseases

16. Control of high blood pressure

17.Cure for the porous bone disease (Osteoporosis)

and many more health benefits 

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