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Sony HVR Z1E Video Camera.  For professional use, High Definition pictures
in mint condition, $2 200 
Phone 253291/2 or 797932 or 0772 305642

HDV, DVcam & DV recording,, XLR Audio 
Providing HDV with the 1080i Standard and joining the existing DVCAM range,
the HVR-Z1E offers users an affordable migration path from Standard
Definition whilst retaining the popular DVCAM benefits such as ease of use
and i.LINK (IEEE1394) connectivity. In addition to its compact size, the
HVR-Z1E boasts a number of features over consumer-oriented products making
it ideal for the professional user. 
Through the HDV format Sony's HVR-Z1E allows you to capture High Definition
pictures on a standard DV format cassette - providing both a highly cost
effective format and full 1080 line resolution. 
The ability to choose the most appropriate recording format for your
With the Sony HVR-Z1E, you are able to switch between HDV, DVCAM and DV
recording giving you full flexibility to record in either Standard or High
Definition depending on your production needs. 
As a professional product, Sony recognises that your needs are different to
that of a consumer. As a result the HVR-Z1E incorporates more than 40 extra
functions over the consumer camcorder HDR-FX1E to help support you and your
production needs. 


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