[Dipleague] Properties for Sale, Rentals and Needed to buy and rent

Miriam Machingura Miriam.Machingura at fbc.co.zw
Thu Oct 22 16:11:56 CAT 2015

Chitungwiza unit J core house for sale - walled 3 sides and 4th side fence and hedge, 3 rooms, toilet and
bathroom on 300sqm , cession - $ 21 000

Tynwald north 597sqm - cession - built up area - $ 20 000  -  reduced for a quick sale near Tynwald gardens flats, city council water on stand, ready to build.


2 bed garden flat - Kamfinsa - vacant - Rent - $ 600.00

3 bed garden flat - Norton - near TM - $ 450 available end November (durawalled)

Properties Needed:-

New garden flats up to $ 100k

Need a 1 bed/batchelor up to $ 37k cash

2 bed flat avenues - installments to be paid

house needed in Emerald Hill Avondale, Mt Pleasant areas for $80k cabs bonds (even one needing
Looking for a secure 1 bed cottage, north suburbs with borehole to rent

Looking for house to rent in the northern suburbs and one also to be used as offices

Looking for 1/2 beds, and bachelor's flats to rent

Looking for 1 bed garden flat to rent

Looking for  cottages

House plans
For house plans done professionally

Building - cottages, houses, renovations.

Please call 0736 198 558 or app on 0772 334 244 for details
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