[Dipleague] Too Many Files? .... COMPUTERISED DOC MGMT SYSTEM

Jenni Ferguson spiderz at mweb.co.zw
Wed May 4 06:26:41 CAT 2016

We are a pan African company with growing business operations and
partnerships in East and Southern Africa and are currently making inroads
into West Africa.


Do YOU have a lot of files and paperwork taking up space in your offices?  


We at Escrow have an effective, safe and secure system - Document Management
System (D.M.S.) and are able to do a no-obligation presentation of the
system at no charge to explain how it works, how it can help YOU and will
give a full explanation of customisation possibilities to suit YOUR


Should you be interested in learning more about Escrow Systems and the DMS
before you consider an on-site presentation, I can send you an Information
Pack on pdf which will tell you :

.        more about us and our track record, 

.        our key competencies, 

.        our understanding of the data management challenges and their
various complexities, 

.        more about the system,

.        provide technical specifications and key features, and

.        benefits of the solution


Please Contact :

Lauren Delius

Lead Generator

Escrow Systems

Mobile : 0772 345 605 (also WhatsApp)

email : spiderz at mweb.co.zw



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