[Dipleague] get NOVELS in pdf. Now you can get them through whatsapp or email

Nicholson Gweje zigweje at zol.co.zw
Tue May 24 15:54:52 CAT 2016

Good Day

novels on soft copy, contact zigweje at gmail.com  on 0774664488 / 0718263476

Our Novels are available in pdf format, you can read from your smart
phone, tablet or computer.
See our list of currently novels which are readily available for you
once you have have it u can read offline. They cover a lot of genres
from adults reading needs to teen, kids reading needs.
You can also put a request for certain titles or novels you would want
from us.
So to select the ones you want follow the dropbox link below and get
the list of currently available novels or request us to send it to you
by email or whatsapp


You can buy from anywhere, using ecocash/one wallet for payment and we 
send the book to your email or whatsapp. We can however arrange to meet.

Feel free to call or app 0774664488/ 0718263476 or email zigweje at gmail.com

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