[Dipleague] LOOKING FOR EMP Byo - Sales, Admin, Sec - Lauren Delius

Jenni Ferguson spiderz at mweb.co.zw
Tue Jul 5 06:46:09 CAT 2016

I'm looking for employment in the sales, administration or secretarial
fields in Bulawayo.  Either full-time or part-time.  I am 29 years of age
and have very good experience within the IT hardware/software retail and
service/repair workshop business together with the sale of various FMCG
products.  I consider myself to be resourceful, dynamic, very presentable
and an exceptional sales person.  I do not have a driver's licence.  Please
contact Lauren Delius on 0772 345 605 (also Whatsapp).  A cv is available
for perusal.


Please do not respond to this email address.


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