[Dipleague] ENGRAVING SPECIALIST - Metallic Trophies, Jewellery etc

Jenni Ferguson spiderz at mweb.co.zw
Tue Jul 5 06:46:09 CAT 2016

Engraving of Metallic Objects at The Engraving Shop.  We can engrave
jewellery, trophies, shields, silverware and brassware and plaques, and can
source trophies and shields for presentations for corporate business and
schools/institutions.  Contact John Grant on 0712 606 770 or 0773 487 858 or
call in to No 39 Aberdeen Road, Avondale.  We are on the other side of King
George Road to Avondale Primary School, about half way up the hill.
Business hours for walk-in consultations : 8:15am - 12:30pm Monday - Friday.

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