[Dipleague] Male Looking for Employment.

Dave Payne davayne at mango.zw
Sat Jul 16 08:04:27 CAT 2016

Male, mature, having own transport, seeks  Employment .


Wide and vast experience in Construction,  Property,   Architecture  and
Building Surveying,   Construction Project Management, Supervision and
Quality Control  etc,  together with 'Associated fields',  at all  Levels !

 (C V / Resume available by e-mail) 


This Does Not restrict  employment interests to these 'Fields' only.
Willing to learn 'new ways' and 'methodology'  


Do you have anything available that I may Enter into and thereby assist you
with your Companies expansion??


Call /  SMS or watsapp on mobile 0772 218 622   or  E-mail :-
davayne at mango.zw

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